Since 2010 Robert and Marianna are members of the Canadian Guild of Decorative Finishers.

Brenda Smith (on the right) and Marianna Karnauha (on the left).

Brenda Smith is the president of the Canadian Guild of Decorative Finishers.

Wall Design Studio is experienced exclusive renovation specialist. Our work is based on the collaboration of the artisans Robert Negru and Marianna Karnauha. We have worked on developing unique approaches to decorative designs for our clients.

Marianna K.: “I graduated from the Art Academy of Latvia with a Masters degree in fine Art. My special studies included work with different materials to create murals and decorative wall designs. While I was still an art student, I worked at different design companies as an artist. One of my first big projects was collaboration with Sagraffito, a company that created different kind of murals. We did a lot of custom work such as creating designs for walls in restaurants, pubs and murals for the biggest casino in Latvia. After a few years I started working as an independent artist, on projects with large design companies in Latvia. I worked on different wall designs, using techniques such as marbling, glazing and stenciling and many more.At that period of time, I started to work on creating unique plaster finishing works. After I graduated from the Art Academy, I felt that it would be useful to get more experience in the decorfative finishes field. During the next few years I collaborated with the Latvian company ”RDD”, which specialized in plaster finishing art, also gilding and other techniques”. Now, with all this experience I started working in Canada.