How we work

Our studio has a library of wall design sample boards. You can always come for consultation and see the samples for your walls.

Will I see a sample of my design?

Absolutely! Wall Design Studio will create a custom sample board for your project. We will not begin with the application until you are happy with and sign off on the sample board.

Does Wall Design Studio only do walls design?

No,we can also work with furniture and kitchen cabinet re-finishing, murals, gilding, wood graining, mirrors, glass, canvas, etc.


In our work we use only environmentally friendly products from reputable decorative paint companies.


Average price is 4-7$ per sq/ft. Depending on complexity of each technique. We also offer high end luxury finishes that are priced accordingly.

Paint Work - we use only top of the line professional products in our decorative paint finishes. Water based paints and glazes are used wherever possible unless otherwise specified for unique applications. These products have come a long way in the last 10 years and provide an excellent and long lasting quality finish.

Plaster Work - imported lime based Italian Venetian plaster provides a unique luster, smoothness and luxury unparalleled by their synthetic counterparts. They have to be touched to be fully appreciated! Sandstone plasters, softly iridescent gold and pearl plasters, and the newest products available round out our selection of finishes that can be used in almost any combination to provide a unique and elegant look suited to your personal taste and lifestyle.

Custom Work - let us create a unique finish just for you! Wall and ceilings murals, cracking effects on furniture, glass and kitchen cabinetry decoration are just a few surfaces can transformed to change the flavour of your space.

Color Consultation - the art of providing paint color analysis and choice for all aspects of an interior environment. Color is a most important component of the completed design.

Faux Finishes - a play with paint to imitate the rare, hard to find, heavy and costly materials. Faux Finishes can be painted to represent marble, wood, linen, suede, parchment, stone, brick and leather.

Glazing - controlled transparent film of color superimposed on opaque color. The effect can be subtle or dramatic, totally changing the atmosphere of a room. Includes: color washing, antiquing, distressing, dragging, furniture enhancement and more.

Decorative Elements – custom patterns can be designed to create an original border or spot motif that will enhance the overall beauty of a room. Designs can be pulled directly from many sources such as fabrics, headboards or artwork in the room to unify a space with concise embellishment.

Painted Woodwork & Accessories - the technique of using paint on furniture, crown molding, and other surfaces to update the look or completely change it to match ones decor. Accessories such as outlet and switch covers, medallions, light fixtures, picture frames and more can all be painted to achieve a new desired look.

Gilding - the craft of applying a thin layer of metal to a surface. Metals used in gilding are gold, silver, composition gold, copper, and aluminum.